Monday, September 14, 2009

The Journey Begins....

So i took off today at about 1pm fort collins time, after some delayed packing, slow good byes, and hesitation to begin the journey north. As i drove out of town and looked westward toward the foothills and reain clouds that hung over them i was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort.

I didnt always feel this way. As i sat last night surrounded by friends and people who had become family to me I thought about why i was leaving them. I even commented that i was excited to return back in December and get the course done with. I knew that was my anxiety speaking but i couldnt somewhat agree with it. As i lay there in the couch this morning (my bed for the past 3 weeks) I did not want to get up, any form of movement meant the inevitable beginning of leaving. Half asleep i prayed that i would be calmed, Phil 4:6, and welcome the journey i was about to begin. I dozed off for a few minutes and was woken by the feeling of excitment and anticipation to get moving. Something i was not expecting at all.

So after lunch with a good friend, good byes to two last people i hit the road to Laramie where i currently am. The drive was relaxing. Thoughts of medical training, teaching, hiking, and group dynamics ran in and out of my head. None of them were worry some, just drifted like the wind.

I arrived in Laramie around 2:15 at the Sperlings home. It was such a pleasure to see them and their new baby boy Micah!!! It was like i had never left these guys as we talked of life, work, girls, and friends around the table for a few hours. Man it was and still is sooo good to be here with some awesome people.

Tonight i will be helping adam lead a workshop on leadership and discipleship in the Navigators. What perfect timing!!!

Tomorrow i will be departing for Lander, the beginning of the course. It is a 3 hour drive and am looking forward to some more alone time to think as i drive though the country.

Until next time.....

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