Wednesday, December 2, 2009

30 days, 9 students, 2 pair of underwear, and 1 case of GIARDIA!

it has been awhile since i have last written. Things have been very interesting. A greater post will come at the end of the course but here is alittle update from the canyons. so we finished our climbing section after a few days of feet of snow in the desert of colorado where sitting in tents and making food was about the only activity we performed. (minus lying in the snow to chain up our vehicles to exit the camp site). We spent halloween at green river state park where we met with the other OESF group and began the transition into the canyons. we split into 3 smaller groups. In our group it was micheal, nicole, jen, brandon, dane, genevia, hayley, ben, and myself. our instructors were Clair and Jesse (who was the unlucky person who spent many days back at WFR bringing bad news and discussing my continuance on the course). She turned out to be one awesome instructor and i am so Blessed to have had here in the field with us. so we headed out into the canyons, for what we all thought was 28 days of hiking in the desert (in the back of all our minds was this little voice - what that hell did you say "28 days in the desert"). It turned out to be one of the most epic and exciting parts of the semester yet. with a new perspective on life and the blessing i received to continue on this course i think i approached it like a kid in a candy store. I wanted to take in everything and not miss out on one bit.

Bringing specific details, stories, and misfortunes at a later time, we came out of the canyons on Nov 29th. nearly one full month from leaving out bus at a lonely broken down corral in the middle of the barren mesa. About 10 days left in the course i began feeling fairly sick, thinking it was a small bug, the food, the smell, or just my body breaking down i dealt with it. much of which was at the mercy of my poor tent mates who dealt with my musical performance day in a day out as i slept, ate, and walked. Upon returning to the frontcountry i decided to return to the place of doom - pinedale, WY medical center (the same place of my broken hand) for my longing stomach issues. Who should be the lucky doc to see my case but the same guy who gave me the news of having broken my hand. man what a surprise it was for him to see someone he thought had given up and gone home sitting right in front of him only 2 months after the first injury. with a half angry half surprised laugh he told me this time it would be easy and he would just give me the meds i needed and not bother to convince or argue with me to sit this one out. good thing he went that route because i had a plan of attack already brewing in my head (little shameful but i am soooo close!)

So here i am now at the ranch again, ready to leave at 5 am for Grand Targee ski resort to practice my beautiful telemark turns on the whopping 4 inches of snow that has fallen in the past weeks (glad i am using NOLS gear and not mine). On Dec 5th we enter the field for one more epic journey, to tackle the one thing i love too much at times. WINTER! we will be out for 12 days and return to Lander the 17th. Look for more then. for now to sleep, i have snow to shred tomorrow.

God Bless to all that have kept me in their thoughts and prayers, your generosity and love has not gone unnoticed by me or the Lord, thank you!!!

God Bless all

until next time......

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